Why Amplify Utah?

Utah is growing and so are the diversity of experiences, backgrounds and viewpoints. We believe we can learn from each other's stories—but only if those stories have a platform.

How can others benefit from Amplify Utah's concept?

We created a playbook as a resource for those across the country interested in replicating, adapting or building upon the project in their own communities. The playbook is organized as a manual outlining how to create and execute a similar program and includes a toolkit of how-to pages and fact sheets. Toolkit pages are labeled as such and indicated by an Amplify Utah icon for easy reference. Get the Amplify Utah Playbook here.

What are Amplify Utah's long-term goals?

In addition to creating a place where high-quality student work can be presented, we encourage media literacy through representative storytelling and a better, more realistic representation of the communities in which we live. This will be a secondary phase as we get going.

What is an Amplify Utah media partner?

As a start-up, we are excited to partner with the Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Community College to discover and amplify stories from within and across our community. We hope to create additional partnerships with Utah media entities, including broadcast, legacy newspapers and digital.

What are the terms for student and contributor-submitted work?

Please review our Author Terms & Agreements for the parameters for stories submitted to Amplify Utah's website.

How can media organizations publish this work?

Amplify Utah stories, photos and videos are available to publications, websites and newscasts that have agreed our Media Publishing Partner Terms and Agreements. The service is free provided all Amplify Utah work is not blocked by a paywall or requires any fee to access. Media partners can find the text stories and links to videos, graphics and audio pieces as well as downloadable photos here.

Do you have editorial independence and correction policies?

Yes, absolutely! Read our policies here.   

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