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Amplify Utah stories, photos and videos are available to publications, websites and newscasts that have agreed our Media Publishing Partner Terms and Agreements. The service is free provided all Amplify Utah work is not blocked by a paywall or requires any fee to access.

Media partners can find the text stories and links to videos, graphics and audio pieces as well as downloadable photos in the links below.

If you download or use any Amplify Utah work, please let Marcie Young Cancio know via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please also to reach out to Marcie directly if you have any questions about using the work.

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Amplify Utah content is available for use by news organizations without charge, as long as the organization credits Amplify Utah and the reporters/content creators who produced the story and all of its associated elements. This includes both the bylines/photo credits and an Amplify Utah credit line.

Review the Media Publishing Partner Terms & Agreements

We also request organizations include the following text either at the beginning or end of the story text:

This story is jointly published by nonprofits Amplify Utah and [Media Partner Organization] to elevate diverse perspectives in local media through student journalism. [Reporter/content creator name] wrote this story as a journalism student at [university/college name]. For more stories from Amplify Utah, visit

In addition to agreeing to properly credit our stories, organizations must agree to run corrections issued by Amplify Utah.

News organizations may edit content for style or add Amplify Utah-produced elements to other stories as long as the work is properly attributed to Amplify Utah and the reporters/content producers by name.

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