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Amplify Utah’s inaugural project, in collaboration with nonprofit The Salt Lake Tribune and Salt Lake Community College, contributes diverse perspectives to local news through student journalism. An innovative approach focuses on important issues facing Utah communities and delivers stories to our free repository, providing sources for growing media engagement. This project models how community college students and journalists can bring multi-dimensional viewpoints to local news organizations and provide a source of growing readership.

We offer new voices for a new time by creating deep collaborations between community college media programs and local news organizations, and developing a means to share student reporting broadly.

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04-06-2024  By Libbey Hanson

A leader of the U.’s Responsible A.I. Initiative says the technology is a tool, and the people using it make it good or bad.

03-31-2024  By Caroline Krum

It’s ‘really depressing,’ a U. of U. games expert said, that female figures attract violence in the virtual world.

03-24-2024  By Giovanni Radtke

It’s the Natural History Museum of Utah’s first new permanent exhibit in 12 years.

03-24-2024  By Ashley Orduna

The event, held mostly in Spanish, focused on the cultural importance of ‘mother tongues.’

03-19-2024  By Reagan Thomas

Ally Cleveland coaches young football players, and plays the game with the Utah Falconz

02-11-2024  By Teresa Chaikowsky

Scholars and experts pay tribute to Henrietta Lacks, whose cells were the basis of decades of research.

02-06-2024  By Josi Hinds

Liz Whittaker aims to empower performers, and prevent the ‘abuse of power’ from some in charge.

12-07-2023  By Cristian Martinez

Students aim to bring the story of the lake and indigenous stewardship "into a new medium."

11-30-2023  By Hannah Teasdale

‘Women’s Climb Night,’ Tuesdays at the Aggie Recreation Center, provides a judgment-free space to learn the sport.

11-27-2023  By Kyle Forbush

Utahns in that age group make up 7% of the state’s workforce — the highest rate in the nation.

11-19-2023  By Kyle Forbush

What began as a hobby for Daryl Lindsey has become a career that ‘aligned with my values.’

10-05-2023  By Libbey Hanson

The display, ‘Invisible No More,’ can be seen at Salt Lake City’s Mestizo Coffeehouse, through Oct. 15.

08-30-2023  By Cristian Martinez

Flyers found on the South City campus in June prompt a discussion about ‘dangerous’ rhetoric and free speech.

08-28-2023  By Sean Stetson

The program gives 16 incarcerated people their associate degrees, and seven more get certificates of completion.

08-26-2023  By Paige Ney

The ‘guerrila gardening’ may appeal as a way to save the planet, but it can be illegal and an environmental risk.

08-17-2023  By Kyle Forbush

Valene Peratrovich, aka ‘Valene MC,’ uses her show on KRCL to ‘talk about Natives the way I want to talk about Natives.’

08-16-2023  By Teresa Chaikowsky

The event was designed to promote inclusion for transgender students in athletics.

08-15-2023  By Kyle Forbush

Joey and Joseph Du Shane-Navanick helped get land acknowledgements on two SLCC campuses, and that’s just the beginning.

06-27-2023  By Claudia Jahen

One study says ‘learners cannot be 100% sure’ that technological aids will help with the language.

06-23-2023  By Ethan Udy

The gel, which is a long way from FDA approval, could change the way couples deal with contraception.

06-05-2023  By Tyffton Bowman

With their Mexican-influenced burger, the company has amassed a devoted following.

06-04-2023  By Tyffton Bowman

A large number of titles targeted feature people of color of LGBTQ+ themes and characters.

05-01-2023  By Kris Carpenter

Teachers can keep personal items, such as flags, in view if they “do not disturb the learning process.”

04-28-2023  By Breanna Giang

One member calls the campus group “a club where I get to truly be who I am and belong.”

04-02-2023  By Kristina Martinez

A couple talk about the tattoos they have and the meanings behind them.

03-24-2023  By Nicole Spearman

Church leaders have countered with a class aimed at helping young adults get answers from reliable sources.

03-16-2023  By Alexander Campbell

“Fast cars aren’t going to go away because we don’t have a track,” says one racer.

01-16-2023  By Jude Macher

School programs and activists working to stop the “starving student” stereotype.

11-28-2022  By Jacob Freeman and McCaulee Blackburn

University of Utah, Weber State and Salt Lake Community Colleges each have new programs in the works.

11-07-2022  By Patrick Kennedy

Older students may face unique challenges, including childcare and the fear of not being taken seriously by younger classmates.

11-06-2022  By Jude Macher

Despite some protests, “the future is now, and the future is big,” according to one Utah drag queen.

11-05-2022  By Cristian Martinez

The uncertainty is “frustrating,” one DACA recipient said, as the case goes back to a lower court.

10-21-2022  By Patrick Kennedy

Pantry offers dry goods, canned foods, fresh produce and hygiene products at four locations.

10-20-2022  By Jonny Tollestrup

The program had some glitches at first, but student leaders report feedback is positive.

10-19-2022  By Kris Carpenter

No decisions made yet about whether to ban pride flags in Logan public schools

10-06-2022  By Haily Askerlund

Black Menaces, known for asking tough questions and posting on TikTok, urges action statewide.

10-05-2022  By Jonnathan Yi

Artist Lilian Agar’s exhibition was on display at SLCC this summer, and is at the Huntsman Mental Health Institute through October.

09-22-2022  By Zane Smith

The trio behind Roots Arts Kollective are all alumni at Salt Lake Community College.

07-15-2022  By Cristian Martinez

Spy Hop Productions teams with Salt Lake County Health Department for “Vax to the Max” campaign.

05-28-2022  By Will Stamp

Most years, people gather to eat, pray and remember at the one-time Tooele County settlement.

05-21-2022  By Cristian Martinez

Utah “Woman of the Year” Luz Gamarra knows what new arrivals need, because she was one in 2004.

04-27-2022  By Cristian Martinez

College is working toward a federal designation as a “Hispanic-serving institution,” possibly by 2025.

04-25-2022  By Will Stamp

Some see the Thin Blue Line flag as support for law enforcement; others note it has been taken up by white nationalists.

04-19-2022  By Amie Schaeffer

Anton Piddubnyi and Valentyna Piddubna fell in love in Utah, and returned to Ukraine before the war began.

04-15-2022  By Valene Peratrovich

A Native student says she feels ‘whole again’ with an in-person event, after the pandemic forced the gathering to go virtual.

03-16-2022  By Alexie Zollinger

Short days and long nights can trigger winter depression, from which 5% of adults in the United States can suffer.

03-15-2022  By Andrew Christiansen

At University of Utah and SLCC, reliance on part-time student help has meant higher turnover and sometimes a shortage of workers.

03-12-2022  By Amie Schaeffer

After ‘multiple rock bottoms,’ Rachel Santizo graduated from SLCC and now helps people suffering like she did.

03-04-2022  By Matt Didisheim

Salt Lake native Andrew Haraghey is one of several skiers who trains at the National Ability Center in Park City.

03-01-2022  By Morgan Workman

The death of a brother sent the Bruins’ star guard on an unexpected journey

01-17-2022  By Alexie Zollinger

Student leader wants more inclusive sex education, including references to trans and intersex people.

01-13-2022  By Mike Adamson

Actors with autism portray a character on the spectrum, and a new elevator helps disabled patrons.

12-23-2021  By Matt Didisheim

Salt Lake Community College filmmaker explores people who have more than one partner.

12-22-2021  By Juliana DeMay

The pandemic has pushed more people to be able to work from home.

12-11-2021  By Alexie Zollinger

Salt Lake Community College offers more comprehensive training.

12-07-2021  By Juliana DeMay

And some tips to stay sharp on campus.

12-03-2021  By Andrew Christiansen

The college says the problem is not unique among Utah’s higher ed institutions.

11-23-2021  By Andrew Christiansen

Salt Lake Community College offers three other events honoring Indigenous contributions.

11-08-2021  By Alexie Zollinger

Salt Lake Community College counselor encourages people to become social media literate.

11-06-2021  By Juliana DeMay

The challenge is archived by the YWCA for those who missed it.

10-29-2021  By Leilani Miller

Many transgender people associate their old name with deep trauma.

10-25-2021  By Andrea Barboza

Maria Pastrana Lopez came to Utah to go to college

10-24-2021  By Lauren Loock Wilcox 

Women continue to be underrepresented in technology fields, but public school teachers are trying to create support early.

10-21-2021  By Valene Peratrovich

Tribal activists and scholars have advocated for some schools to change their mascots

10-21-2021  By Andrew Christiansen

Kinikini is first chief diversity officer at Salt Lake Community College

10-21-2021  By Cristian Martinez

City Council collecting additional feedback on renaming more than 100-year-old community center

10-16-2021  By Amie Schaeffer

The Center for Health and Counseling at Salt Lake Community College lowers barriers to entry, including cost and availability of services

07-06-2021  By Cristian Martinez

DACA student came Salt Lake from Mexico at 10 years old

07-06-2021  By Samantha Herrera

For kids raised in a different country than their parents, understanding a parent’s home country can help

07-06-2021  By Anthony Najera

Mexican culture and history influences treatment decisions for some Utahns

07-06-2021  By Andrew Christiansen

Anonymous donor funds project that should help reduce recidivism rates

07-06-2021  By Kirsten Buker

Race Swami Swim Team’s motto is Si Se Puede, or Yes You Can

04-23-2021  By Cristian Martinez

While the position received broad support from the college community, the spelling of “womxn” caused confusion.

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